December 29, 2010

A New Year, A New Day

What a year this has been!  Professionally, the first half of the year I spent teaching students with severe autism and behavior disorders.  The last half I have been teaching inner-city high school students.  Both jobs have been very challenging, in different ways.  Compassion for the underdogs of life is what drives me to teach in these environments

Family wise, we added two new members to our family.  Danyel and Payton became our new daughter-in-;aw and son-in-law; and spouses to Matthew and Melissa.  One of the consistent prayers of my life has been for my children to marry Christ- followers.  Like these prayers, I know my prayers for Michael's future will also be answered!

Phyllis and I have been married 29 years and we have lived in the same house for 15 years.  Marriage is something that has come easier to us than many people, because I am so easy to get along with!  Actually, we both handle adversity pretty well and Phyllis is one of the most patient women I have even known!

What is the 2011 going to bring?  Like most people in their mid-fifties, health is probably one of the main concerns.  Not so much that there are problems, but prevention!  Getting down to my ideal weight, becoming toned, and able to ride a century again.  Financially, I need to get these student loans more manageable.  I am thankful my two oldest children were able to attend the colleges of their choice and look forward to the day that they are totally paid for!

We live in a crazy world, which seems to be getting crazier and more out of control all of the time.  Remembering that God is in control and has already solved the world's problems is a comforting thought!

I believe that 2011 is going to be a great year and the 2011 Katy Tigers will once again make to to State!  I hope you have a Happy New Year and a great 2011!


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